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What are balance bikes? In a word: awesome!

From our founder, a paean to these awesome little machines that provide HUGE benefits to kids and also - unexpectedly - to their parents!

For his second birthday present, my wife and I got our son, Morgan, a balance bike, hoping it would help him learn to balance and steer before tackling a pedal bike.

Wow, did it ever, as you can see in this video. (He was about 2.5 years old here.)

Although Morgan's transition to a pedal bike was not great (and which became the genesis of GroBikes), I have seen it many times that a child who is comfortable on a balance bike can transition to riding a pedal bike in less than half an hour. It's like watching a little miracle every time, especially seeing the pride they feel in themselves.

What we didn't expect were the other benefits that came with it, not just for Morgan, but for us as parents too! Here are just a few:

No More Stroller

First off, we no longer needed to lug around a stroller everywhere we went. With Morgan on his balance bike, we could stroll through malls, markets, and parks with ease, and he was happy to ride along at our pace (or even faster) for much longer stretches than he would have walked on his own. This saved us from the hassle of wrestling with a stroller every time we got in and out of the car. HUGE win!


Another unexpected perk was the freedom it gave all of us. Morgan could ride faster than we could walk, giving him the ability to explore up ahead or linger behind a bit before rejoining us. He gained confidence and independence, and we gained a more relaxing outing. Another huge win.


The biggest bonus balance bike benefit of all was the fun factor! Every little ramp or bit of smooth pavement became an opportunity for Morgan to test his skills and have a blast. And seeing him enjoy himself made our outings all the more enjoyable too.

Getting Morgan a balance bike was one of the best decisions we made for his development.

Based on my own experience and what I've seen so many times since, as soon as your little one is walking competently, I strongly encourage you to get them a balance bike also so you and your family can all enjoy the bonus benefits they bring.


Founder & Managing Director


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