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We Need To Do Better (Now)

"Humanity currently demands 75% more from our planet than its ecosystems can regenerate."

- Global Footprint Network

In the Present: Reduce Your Footprint

GroBikes is a circular economy business.

This means that we maintain and repair our bikes as long as reasonably possible to maximize their usable life, halving each bike's environmental impact* in terms of material waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, our deliberate product selection and design decisions mean we will exceed average material recovery rates once a bike is past its prime.

* GroBikes' best estimate until we have more data.

Infinite Green Loop image - iStock-14597

For the Future: Form Better Habits

Many habits are formed when we're young.

Riding bikes that always fit means kids will want to ride more, growing up to be adults with a positive - even passionate - relationship with cycling, choosing their bike to explore, or get to their friend's house, or to the corner store for ice cream.  (Just like when they were young.)

Individually, more cycling means better health and lower transportation costs. Collectively, more cycling means safer, quieter streets, and more sustainable cities and economies.

This is the future GroBikes is working to create.

Do better. Subscribe today.

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