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Subscribing Is Better

For kids aged 2 - 8 years old, subscribe and get a bike that fits them from Day One, then exchange it whenever they need a bigger one!

Why It Works

Graphic of red bicycle
Graphic of red bicycle
Graphic of red bicycle

Upsizing Is Easy

Our bikes are all the same colour and style so the only decision you need to make is when to get a bigger one.

We Worry About Maintenance So You Don't Have To

If something isn't working right, our skilled mechanics will fix it, keeping you calm and your child riding on.

Closeup of man maintaining bicycle
A clutter of bicycles in a home garage

No More Storing & Selling Old Bikes

Subscribing saves parents from the hassles of collecting and/or re-homing outgrown bikes.

More Confidence, More Fun!

Great bikes that fit right are easier to learn on, climb hills faster, and win more races, building confidence while maximizing fun too!


GroBikes is carbon neutral and reduces material waste by over 50% compared to buying and owning.

Subscribe Yearly or Monthly

Our yearly subscriptions are best for residents of the Greater Toronto Area.

Monthly subscriptions are better for people just visiting. 

Choose between our range of "good" bikes by Strider and Haro...

...and our lighter "better" bikes by Louis Garneau.

Subscription Agreement

Before you take home any of our bikes, you must confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to GroBikes' Subscription Service Agreement:

2024.03.27 - GroBikes Subscription Service Agreement v10.1
Download PDF • 156KB

In a nutshell*, this is what the agreement says:

  • you can subscribe to use a bicycle for 12 months (Yearly) or month-to-month (Monthly);

  • for each subscription, we require a one-time $100 Repair and Loss Deposit, fully refundable when you stop using GroBikes and return your bike(s) to us in good condition;

  • you can upsize your bike(s) at any time during the subscription term;

    • if you upsize, you will be asked to pay difference in subscription fees on a pro-rata basis;

    • if you upsize more than once in a 60 day period, we reserve the right to charge a $40 restocking fee;

  • for damage beyond normal wear and tear (e.g. minor scuffs and scratches, etc.), you are responsible for paying us to repair it;

    • tires destroyed by skidding is considered "damage", not normal wear and tear;

  • if a bike is stolen, you are responsible for paying us to replace it;

  • the bike must be kept under cover (i.e. in a garage) when not in use;

  • you are responsible for cleaning the bike before returning it.

Basically, we’d like you to treat the bike like it's your own, and return it to us in good shape.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs, or contact us at or 647-697-2288 and we’ll be happy to help answer them.

* This summary is for your convenience only. You are responsible for reading and understanding the subscription agreement before subscribing to GroBikes.

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