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  • What Happens If A Bike Is Stolen?
    If a bicycle is stolen, the subscriber is responsible for compensating GroBikes for the cost of replacing the bike. Please contact us at or 647-697-2288 and we'll figure it out, including getting your child a replacement bike as soon as possible. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • Do I Have To Pay Extra to Switch Bikes?
    There is no fee to switch bikes, however you will have to pay for the difference in subscription fees between the original (smaller, less expensive) bike, and the larger bike you are switching to. Please note that if you switch a bike in less than 60 days since your last switch, we reserve the right to charge a $40 early restocking fee. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • How Does A Subscription Work?
    The short version is that you subscribe with us on a Yearly or Monthly basis, and your child gets a bike that fits them from Day One. If they outgrow that bike over the subscription term, you let us know and we will exchange it for the next size up. When you decide to stop using GroBikes, you return the bike you have at the time to us. That's it! For more details about the benefits of subscribing and our bikes, go to Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • How Long Is A Subscription?
    Subscriptions are either Yearly or Monthly. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • How Do I Upsize Bikes? Do I Have To Wait Until The End Of The Subscription?
    You do not need to wait until the end of your subscription to upsize bikes. For Yearly subscriptions, this is how to upsize: 1. Go to our Shop online and choose the Upsize category (or just click here). 2. Choose the next larger size bike that you need, then select the number of months remaining in the "Subscription Time Remaining" dropdown. (You do not need to wait until the end of your subscription.) This will show the pro-rata difference between the cost of your current subscription and the cost of the larger bike subscription. 3. Check out as usual and we will let you know as soon as your larger bike is available. (Our goal is for this to be no more than two weeks after you ask to change.) For Monthly subscriptions, please contact us at or 647-697-2288. Notes: It is not possible to change from our "good" bike range to our "better" bike range (or vica versa) through our website when upsizing. Please contact us at or 647-692-4476 if this is something you'd like to do; Please see our subscription agreement for full details.
  • What Happens At The End Of The Subscription?
    Our subscriptions renew automatically, however a month before the end of your subscription, we will send you a reminder and instructions for what to do if you wish to cancel. Once we've got the bike back in good condition, we will refund your security deposit. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • What Happens If Something Breaks Or My Child Damages Their Bike?
    Scratches and other small cosmetic damage are completely expected and considered part of “normal wear and tear”. More significant damage - e.g. bent fork, dented frame, warped wheel, etc. - due to a fall or other accident is the subscriber's responsibility. In this event, GroBikes will replace the damaged bike and repair the damaged bike at the subscriber's expense at our shop rates plus the cost of parts. (We do not seek to profit from anyone's misfortune.) If a bike looks like it has been abused and/or kept outside in the rain and snow (yes, we can tell!), we will ask for reasonable compensation for repairing the damage. In any event, contact us at or 647-697-2288 and we'll figure it out. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • Do I Need To Do Anything Special When Storing The Bike (Especially Over The Winter)?
    We ask that you keep the bike sheltered from rain and snow when it's not being ridden. Your garage or basement are ideal. Other than this, a little bit of oil on the chain once in a while will do wonders to keep it running smoothly. Please see our subscription agreement for more details.
  • How Do I Know When To Get A Bigger Bike?
    These are some signs that it might be time to get a bigger bike: your child looks “squished”, i.e. the bike looks too short both length-wise and/or their knees are coming up close to the handlebars; your child can sit on the bike with the seat raised to the maximum height line on the seat post, with their feet flat on the ground and their knees are still bent; circus recruiters are offering your child a spot in their clown show. 😉 There are no hard rules here, but if the bike looks small, it probably is. NB Before arranging to switch bikes, we advise you to speak with your little one and make sure they agree that it's time! (We've seen more than a few tears when this hasn't been discussed beforehand.)
  • What's The Right Size For My Child?
    Sizing a child's bike is not an exact science. So long as their bike is "about right", a lot can be done to fine-tune how it fits. To decide what size bike is right for your child, measure their inseam to the floor while they're wearing running shoes. The best size bike for them will be the one with the highest Minimum Standover Height (see table) that does not exceed their inseam. (click table to expand) When your child gets their bike, we'll make sure it's right for them. For a deeper dive, check out this article from Two Wheeled Tots.
  • Will The Bike I Get Be New Or Used?
    If you are subscribing, it is possible that the bike you get will be brand new, but most likely it will have been used by another family already. Rest assured that if this is the case, it has been thoroughly checked and maintained before going back into our inventory.
  • What Types Of Bikes Do You Have?
    We have both balance bikes (bicycles without pedals that teach kids how to balance and steer) and pedal bikes suitable for children aged 2 to 8 years old. All our pedal bikes are "hybrid" style bikes with geometries designed to be fun and comfortable to ride. For both balance and pedal bikes, we have "good" bikes by Strider (balance bikes) and Haro (pedal bikes) that offer great value for money for parents who understand how much having a bike that's the right size influences their child's enthusiasm for getting out and riding. We also have "better" bikes by Canadian supplier Louis Garneau. These are lighter bikes that make learning easier and riding even more fun, especially when climbing hills or racing against friends! See our Bikes page for more details:
  • Can I Buy A Bike?
    Yes. Go to our online Shop and then use the "Buy" filter to see the bikes we have for sale, or just click here. For clarity, all bikes for sale are brand new and have not been used for our subscription service.
  • What Is 'Funerer'? Is That Really A Word?
    'Funerer' is just our made-up way of saying 'a lot more fun'. We use it because it makes us smile whenever we say it.
  • Do You Deliver?
    Yes, we deliver. We can also come to you to exchange bikes and/or collect bikes at the end of your subscription. Please see our Deliveries page for details.

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