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Easierer? Absolutely!

Parenting is a rewarding experience, but let's face it, it's not always a walk in the park. From the daily tasks of getting kids to eat their vegetables, tidy their room, and convincing them not to perform surgery on the family pet, to finding the right extra-curricular activities, anything that makes parenting a little easier is always welcome.

GroBikes works so well because we make it easier for parents to provide their children with fun, lightweight, and perfectly-sized bikes, without a lot of the worries that owning bikes brings with it. Here’s how:

Great Bikes

Our bikes are lightweight and always the right size, which makes kids more eager to ride. The more they ride, the more energy they burn, the healthier they are and - bonus! - the less screen time they ask for.

No Maintenance

GroBikes takes care of maintaining the bikes, which means parents don't have to worry about anything other than pumping up the tires and oiling the chain once in a while.

No More Shopping

When it's time for a bigger bike, parents only have to make an appointment to switch for the next bigger bike instead of scouring bike shops or online listings. We even deliver!

No More Storing & Selling Old Bikes

We have spoken to many parents who have half a dozen or more old kids bikes in their garage gathering dust because they haven't been able to find someone to take them. With GroBikes, you simply exchange your child's outgrown bike for the next size up, and we take care of getting it ready for another family to use.

Overall, GroBikes doesn't just make kids bikes a little easier for parents, we make it a LOT easier (or, as we like to say, "easierer"), leaving more time and energy for parenting to be, well, funerer. ;-)

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