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About Us


Our Mission

To cultivate future generations of cycling enthusiasts, one family at a time.


Our Motivation

The world needs more cyclists.

Just like adults, kids enjoy riding bikes that fit them correctly, and the more they enjoy something, the more they'll do it.

GroBikes' subscription service makes it easier, more affordable, and more sustainable for parents to keep their children riding bikes that fit, leading to future adults who see bicycles as a preferred means of transportation, recreation, and exercise.


Our Principles


Image by Jametlene Reskp


Image by Jon Hieb


Image by Vlad Tchompalov





Our Story

GroBikes began with my wife and I taking our son to get his first pedal bike.

After being overwhelmed by the variety of sizes and options, we finally bought him a bike that he could "grow into", but when we went to the park it was so big and heavy he could barely lift it, let alone ride it! Definitely not fun.

We returned it for another one, but the overall experience was demoralizing, expensive, and just plain hard.

Realizing we weren't the only family struggling with this, I got to thinking about how to make it better.

GroBikes is the result.


Thank you for your interest in GroBikes. I hope that you'll allow us to be a part of your young family's childhood.

Yours in making life #funerer,


Marc Weatherill
GroBikes Inc.

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