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Would you ride a 130 pound bike?

Pop quiz: how heavy would a bike have to be compared to an average Canadian man to achieve the same bodyweight-to-bikeweight ratio as a 5-year-old Canadian boy with a "reasonably good" children's bike?

a) 34 pounds

b) 52 pounds

c) 86 pounds

d) 131 pounds

The answer is (d) - see below to check our math - about the same weight as your average 15-year-old Canadian boy, 1.4 bags of cement, or almost 15 four-litre bags of milk! Crazy, right? And this is our point: when choosing a bike, it is crucial to consider its weight relative to the rider's bodyweight.

Heavy = Hard

Now, imagine trying to ride a 130-pound bike. Even if you managed to lift it, actually riding it would still be a real challenge, and that’s you as an adult who already knows how to ride a bike. If you’re a child who’s still figuring out their own body, that extra weight is going to make the challenge of learning how to ride SO MUCH HARDER! And once you do know how to ride, riding up hills and racing with your friends? Not fun and a lost opportunity to build some self-confidence. Clearly, lightweight bikes are the way to go, which is why all of GroBikes’ bikes are – you guessed it – light.

Growth spurt? No worries!

Unfortunately buying these lightweight bikes is expensive, and especially hard to justify when a child may outgrow them in less than a year. GroBikes subscriptions solve both of these problems by making good, lightweight bikes more affordable, while also giving parents peace of mind by letting them exchange their child's bike for a larger one whenever the time is right.

If you want your child to ride more, have more fun, and build some self-confidence along the way, check out our bikes and subscribe to GroBikes.

Our Math

Weight of 5 year-old Canadian boy: about 37 lbs

Weight of average Canadian adult male: about 187 lbs

Weight of a good bike sized to fit a 5 year-old: about 26 lbs

Ratio: 26/37 = 70.3%


187 lbs x 70.3% = 131 lbs

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