Some recent feedback from our GroBikes parents and riders:

“Hi! My son Zaki rode all evening and thoroughly enjoys the new bike! I love everything about your business and this service, I love the bike, the quality, the light weight of it, the affordability. I really wanted him on a good bike to enjoy but the price ranges were incredibly high and this just made it possible for him to have an excellent bike.  I also truly appreciate the conscious ideas and intentions of a subscription service, I am so happy I came across GroBikes!  Looking forward to a summer of riding! Thank you so much.”

D. K.

S. D.

"(I) wanted to tell you that Nathaniel is doing so well on his GroBike! He pretty much started riding it immediately after struggling with his old bike for some time. He’s so happy riding it at camp, thank you."

"Nice meeting you today. The bike is perfect. This was her first attempt with a quick push. We rode all around the neighbourhood, made the hill on Glengarry. The gears are great! She’s wiped."

C. C.

R. J.

“GroBikes is an excellent option when trying to source light, easy-to-ride, resilient children’s bikes.  My 4 and 6 year old took to them instantly and have been loving them since the day that Marc dropped them off.  Great company, great service, and great Canadian business."

K. G.

“What a success!! 20 minutes and he's riding. He was ready, he just needed the right bike! He legit could not ride until this bike, always had training wheels.”


K. R.

"Marco’s loving the bike! It’s a pleasure to ride, a completely different experience from when he was using the short-lived one we tried from a big box store. It’s so light he can ride up hills by himself now!"

"Both our kids have GroBikes and they absolutely love them! We wish we had GroBikes when our daughter was younger. It would have saved us money, not to mention made it easier for her to learn how to ride. GroBikes will be our only option as our kids grow up!"

J. M.

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