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Upsize: to Good Bike for ages 5 - 6 (16" wheel)

Upsize: to Good Bike for ages 5 - 6 (16" wheel)

Yearly subscribers only. If you have a Monthly subscription and want to upsize, please call or email us.


When you have a 12" Good Bike and need the next size up!


Cost is the difference between the cost of a 12" wheel Good Bike Yearly subscription and the cost of the Yearly subscription for this larger bike, pro-rated to the nearest month.


If you're not sure how long you've had your current bike, please check your emails or give us a call.  (Automating this is definitely on our website improvements list!)


    Yearly subscriptions allow you to upsize anytime your child needs a bigger bike, plus include all maintenance for normal wear-and-tear.


    One-time, refundable $100 Repair and Loss Deposit is due on or before when first bicycle is supplied. (Can be added to cart when subscribing.)


    See here for full subscription terms and conditions:


    Except for balance bikes, we apply a $40 Early Restocking Fee if you change bikes less than two months after getting your current bike.


    Yearly Subscriptions: you may return your bike(s) within 14 calendar days and we will refund your subscription fee(s) and security deposit(s), less an Early Restocking Fee of $40 per bicycle.


    Month-to-Month Subscriptions: you may return your bike(s) at any time and we will refund your security deposit(s).  GroBikes does not offer pro-rata refunds of monthly subscription fees.


    Bicycle & Accessory Sales: bicycles and accessories can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

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