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Referral Program: tell a friend, get a bonus month free!

Hi, it's Marc (GroBikes' Founder and Managing Director).

A quick post from me to announce the launch of our referral program.

In the years before COVID, we have had so much help from clients telling their friends and family about us. As we gear up to relaunch GroBikes, I want to make sure we're "helping" back a bit as at least a token of thanks.

Tell a Friend, Get a Bonus Month Free

It's easy: tell your friends about GroBikes and when they drop your name while signing up for a subscription, you'll get a bonus month that you can use to extend your subscription or give to someone else!

There's no limit to how many bonus months you can get, so the more people who sign up and reference you, the more free months you can get!

How to Share

However you usually connect with your friends is going to work:

  • in person

  • on the phone (is that still a thing?)

  • by text

  • by email

  • post about us on social media ( Facebook Instagram )

  • carrier pigeon

You get the idea.

Girl whispering to her friend

The Nitty Gritty

Earning Bonus Months
  1. Referral bonuses can only be earned by active GroBikes clients. This includes those who have signed up as part of our pre-sale campaign. Former GroBikes subscription clients active on March 17, 2021 are also eligible.

  2. "Self-referrals" and referrals of members of the same household (e.g. a spouse) are not eligible for referral bonuses.

Using Bonus Months
  1. GroBikes will apply bonus months to extend an active subscription. Subscription fees will be charged until the end of the regular subscription, at the end of which bonus months will be applied. No subscription fees will be charged for that subscription until the end of the bonus time.

  2. A bonus month only applies to a single subscription. (E.g. If you have two subscriptions, the bonus month is only applicable to one of them.)

  3. In the event that a client has more than one subscription, bonus months will be applied to the lowest cost subscription.

  4. There is no limit to how many bonus months an active GroBikes client can earn.

Other Terms & Conditions
  1. Bonus months can be gifted to other GroBikes subscribers.

  2. GroBikes reserves the right to cancel a bonus month awarded if the referred client cancels their subscription within the first three months of signing up.

Hopefully that's all clear, but please send us a note at if you have any questions.

Tell Someone Now! (please)

If you're a parent, you're busy, which means you forget things. If you tell just ONE person about us RIGHT NOW, I can guarantee that you are not going to forget to later! Sounds nice, right?

I can also guarantee that as we relaunch, every little bit of support really does count, so thank you in advance for that text you're about to send. (And please say hi to them from me. ;-) )

Yours in making life #funerer,


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