How Our Bikes Grow

When you sign up for a 12 month subscription, your child gets a bike that is the right size for them now.

During the subscription period, if your child outgrows their bike, we will happily exchange it for the next size, allowing them to keep riding a bike that fits (and allowing you to not have to worry about them out-growing it!).

It's that easy.

Why This Is Important For Your Child

How well a bike fits has a big influence on safety, comfort, and overall "fun", all important contributors to how much your child enjoys getting out on their bike.


A bike that fits is easier to control.

A child stretched out on a bike that's too big for them will not only have limited range of motion steering, but may also not be able to put their feet down easily in an emergency. Scary stuff!


A bike that fits is more comfortable.

Bicycles where the frame size, geometry, and/or components aren't tailored a child's proportions (they're not just smaller adults!) will cause aches and cramping in even the most limber of little ones.


A bike that fits is easier to ride.

The ultimate sign of a good-fitting bike is that it feels like it's a part of you, letting your child focus on things like overtaking their best friend or landing a jump they've got up the nerve to try out!  In other words, fun.