Fit Matters: Our Barrie Triathlon Experiment

In a highly scientific experiment to see how much of a difference bicycle size can make, our founder, Marc, competed in the Barrie Triathlon last weekend riding one of our 20" wheel bikes that we recommend for children aged 6 - 8 years old.  (Did we mention that he's 6' 2 and a lot older than 8 years old?)

The idea was to really test our claim that riding a bike that fits well is safer and a lot more fun ('funerer') than riding a bike that doesn't, and to have just a little fun ourselves doing so.

So, how did it go?

Well, pretty much as expected.  In spite of the fact that Marc has done multiple triathlons (including an Ironman) and is still in decent shape, he posted the slowest bike split of the day, riding 20 kilometres in just over an hour and twenty minutes, more than double what it would normally take him.

"Because my legs were so out of position, I just couldn't 'push' very well", Marc said after the race. "I also almost had a couple of accidents because my knees - which started aching almost right away, by the way - hit the handlebars while I was pedaling. That was a little scary."

Our conclusions from this experiment: how well your child's bike fits them definitely plays a big role not only in how much fun they're going to have (as supportive as the other competitors were, we know Marc would have preferred to be able to "ride along with his friends"), but also how safe they will be and feel as they ride.

Something doesn't look right here...

To get your child a lightweight, high-quality bike that will always fit them well, go to our Get a GroBike! page and sign them up for a biking experience that is both safer, and 'funerer'.  ;-)