Would You Ride a 131 pound bike?

Pop Quiz:

In pounds, how heavy would a bike have to weigh relative to an average Canadian man to give the equivalent bodyweight-to-bikeweight ratio as for a 5-year-old Canadian boy with a "reasonably good" children's bike?

a) 34 pounds

b) 52 pounds

c) 86 pounds

d) 131 pounds

Crazy as it may seem, the correct answer is (d), or roughly the weight of an average 15-year-old Canadian boy, 1.4 bags of cement, or 14.8 four-litre bags of milk!

"How is that possible?", we hear you asking. "I could barely lift a bike that heavy, let alone ride it!" Well, that's exactly our point.

We've done the math below for you below, but what's important is that you are now thinking about how heavy a bike is in relative terms, i.e. compared to a child's own bodyweight.

Less Weight = More Fun

So, back to the 131 pound bike: try to imagine riding that sucker. Firstly, it's going to be really heavy to pick up, but let's assume you manage it. You swing your leg over, sit down, put one foot on a pedal and push off with the other and... barely move. Because it is so heavy, it is really hard to get that mass moving, all the while struggling to stay balanced so you can keep pedalling and not put your feet back down on the ground.  This is hard but do-able since we're assuming you already know how to ride a bike, but if you're a child still learning to ride, this weight is going to make that process even longer and more frustrating, especially if you haven't had the benefit of a balance bike!

Contrast this with a super-light road racing bike.  Even if you haven't had the opportunity to ride one, it's not hard to imagine how riding a bike that's 10% of the weight of that fictional monster is going to be a lot more fun just because everything is so much easier: easier to accelerate, easier to climb hills with, easier to stop...

GroBikes Makes LightWeight Bikes Affordable

Of course, "super-light road racing bikes" come with "super-heavy price tags".  Unfortunately, so do lightweight kids bikes (including ours), making them especially hard to justify when the rider could easily outgrow it in a year's time.  This is why GroBikes leases our bikes and if (when) a child outgrows their bike, allows parents to exchange that bike for a larger one at no extra charge.  Over the course of a child's early riding career, the cost of using GroBikes is about the same as buying a few over-sized lightweight bikes that are ridden until they are too small, or a series of less expensive bikes that fit but aren't as much fun because they're so heavy.

In short, if you agree that less weight is more fun and that riding a bike that fits well is safer, more comfortable, and builds a child's confidence faster, then we think that you should check out our bikes, then contact us to get a GroBike!

Our Math

Weight of 5-year-old Canadian boy: about 37 lbs

Weight of a "reasonably good" bike sized to fit a 5-year-old: about 26 lbs

Bike weight: body weight: 26 lbs/37 lbs = 0.703

Weight of average Canadian male: about 187 lbs

187 lbs x 0.702 = 131 lbs