Saferer (and more): Why Bike Fit is So Important for Kids

One of the key benefits of getting your child on a GroBike is that it fits them right away.  There is no "she'll grow into it" period, no "he'll get used to it", no "it may be too big but it'll last longer".

Well, okay, but why is this actually important and not just a "nice to have"?  (I can hear some of you now: "I did fine riding a bike that was too big for me, I'm sure s/he will be okay too!") Furthermore, why is it especially important for kids?

There are three reasons: safety, comfort, and confidence.


Like adjusting your car seat and mirrors so you can drive safely, how a bike fits your child plays a big role in how safely they can ride it. The classic "she'll grow into it" scenario creates a situation where your child may not be able to control the bike adequately, something that is especially likely for youngsters just learning how to ride.  Examples of this include a greater chance of tipping over because they can't touch both feet to the ground while sitting on the seat, or not being able to steer properly because they're too "stretched out".


Although kids are remarkably resilient, they and their bodies can still get uncomfortable if put in awkward positions for too long.  Bikes that are too big can force a child to lean forward and "stretch out" over the frame which, on longer rides, is going to give them a sore back.  Bikes that are too small mean kids have a limited range of motion pedaling (making for tired thigh muscles), not to mention sore knees when they bump against the underside of their handlebars!


A bike that fits well allows the rider to focus on their ride and their abilities.  There will always be a learning curve for any new bike, but because GroBikes bikes fit correctly at the start, this learning curve is minimized, allowing your child to get on with developing their skills and confidence not only biking, but also in the social dynamics of riding with friends or even their parents!

For these reasons, we think that how a bike fits is key to making a child's biking experience more enjoyable, encouraging them to get outside and riding more often, ultimately laying the foundation for them to enjoy and benefit from cycling for the rest of their lives. By enabling you to "upsize" your child's bike as they grow, GroBikes can help you make this happen for your child.

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