How to Get a GroBike:


Measure your child’s inseam and then go to our Details and Pricing page to determine what size bike you think is right. This will be a starting point for choosing a bike, though we’ll make the final decision together in person.

Step 2: CALL OR WRITE US to arrange an appointment

Contact us by phone (416-888-7834) or email ( to tell us about your child (age, height, riding experience), as well as to figure out how we get you your bike, either by visiting us at one of our events in Toronto, or by having us deliver it to you. ($10 delivery fee applies.)

Step 3: Get Your Bike!

When we meet, based on what you've told us about your child, we will have a couple of different sizes of bike for your child to try and choose from, making sure it fits them right from Day One.

This is also when you sign our lease agreement, as well as pay the annual subscription fee (plus HST) and a one-time, refundable security deposit equal to the amount of your subscription fee. (For example, if your subscription is $120, tax will be $15.60, and your security deposit will be $120.)

We prefer payment by e-transfer or cheque, but also take cash. We currently do not to accept credit cards because of the significant fees charged to merchants. (We are still a small business where every penny counts. Thanks in advance for your support and understanding on this.)

That's It!

Of course if you have any questions, check out our FAQs, or contact us by phone (416-888-7834) or email ( and we’ll be happy to help answer them.