Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we have been asked the most. If you don't find the answer to yours, please feel free to Contact Us so we can help.

Do your bikes really Grow?

No, not really, but because you can up-size your child's bike during the lease period, the effect is the same.  Click here to learn more about how this works and why it's so important for your child to ride a bike that's the right size for them.


What colours are your bikes?

For now, our balance bikes are red and our pedal bikes are green.


What is 'funerer'?  Is that actually a word???

'Funerer' is just a funny, made-up way of saying 'a lot more fun'.  As far as we can tell, it's not really a word, but we use it because it makes us giggle whenever we say it.


Where is your store?

We will not be having a physical store in 2017. Instead, GroBikes will be attending school fairs, farmers markets, and other such temporary venues in the Greater Toronto Area. See the "Get a GroBike" section of the website for a list of venues where we're going to be, or for details on how to get a GroBike if you can't come to any of our scheduled dates.


How can I pay?

GroBikes accepts cash and credit cards, done in person when you get your bike.


What if my bicycle breaks? Who repairs it?

We ask our customers to take care of small things like repairing a flat tire. And while we don't expect it to happen, if something does break due to normal wear and tear, get in touch with us and we will take back and replace the broken bike.


Do I need to do anything special when storing the bike over the winter?

We ask that you keep our bikes inside during inclement weather (i.e. rain and snow).  The garage or basement is fine.