Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we have been asked the most. If you don't find the answer to yours, please feel free to Contact Us so we can help.

Bike Questions

Do your bikes really Grow?

No, not really, but because you can up-size your child's bike at any time during the subscription period, the effect is the same!  Click here to learn more about how this works and why it's so important for your child to ride a bike that's the right size for them.

What colours are your bikes?

For now, our balance bikes are red and our pedal bikes are green.

Will the bike I get be New or Used?

It is possible that the bike you get will be brand new, but most likely it will have been used by another subscriber already. Rest assured that if it has been, we perform a thorough safety check and maintenance routine on all returned bikes before they are allowed to go back into our inventory so that they are 100% “funerer-ready” for the next rider.

Do I need to do anything special when storing the bike over the winter?

We ask that you keep our bikes sheltered from rain and snow.  Your garage or basement are ideal. Another than this, a little bit of oil on the chain does wonders to keep the bike running smoothly.


Scratches and the like are completely expected and considered part of “normal wear and tear”, so as long as your little one is okay, no worries!  That said, if a bike looks like it has been abused or kept outside in the rain and snow (yes, we can tell!) then we will need to arrange some reasonable compensation for the damage.

What if my bicycle breaks? Who repairs it?

We ask our customers to take care of small things like repairing a flat tire and lubricating the chain once in a while. If something does break due to normal wear and tear, get in touch with us and we will take back and replace or repair the bike. If something gets broken because of an accident or improper use or abuse, then we will organize for the bike to be repaired at the customer’s expense.

Service Questions

How do exchanges work? Do I have to wait until the end of the subscription?

Whenever you think it’s time for a larger bike, contact us and we’ll schedule a time and place for us to switch bikes. There is no additional cost for making this switch, unless you ask us to come to you, in which case our standard delivery charges apply. In terms of timing, our objective is to make the exchange within two weeks, which is another way of us asking that you please give us two or three weeks’ notice. :-)

What happens at the end of the subscription?

Two or three weeks before your subscription expires, we’ll contact you and see if you want to continue using GroBikes. If you do, you pay the annual subscription fee for the bike you have at the time and keep on riding. If you choose not to renew your subscription, just return the bike (clean and in good working order please) and we’re done!

Other Questions

What is 'funerer'? Is that Really a Word?

'Funerer' is just a funny, made-up way of saying 'a lot more fun'.  As far as we can tell, it's not really a word, but we use it because it makes us smile whenever we say it.

Where is your store?

To keep costs down, for now we don’t have one, however we do have booths at farmers’ markets and other such temporary venues where you can come and see us. See the Meet Us - Toronto page for a calendar with details of where and when you can find us. Of course, feel free to reach us by phone (416-888-7834) or email ( as well.

How can I pay?

We prefer payment by e-transfer or cheque, but also accept cash.

We currently do not to accept credit cards because of the significant fees charged to merchants. (We are still a small business where every penny counts and thank you for your support and understanding on this.)

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