GroBikes' Story

Morgan and his first pedal bike.

Morgan and his first pedal bike.

GroBikes’ story starts in Brisbane, Australia, where my family and I were living when it came time to get my son, Morgan, his first pedal bike. Used to the lightweight aluminum of his balance bike, I was disappointed by how heavy all the reasonably priced bikes were, and how expensive all the lighter bikes were. After buying Morgan a new (affordable) bike, my wife and I watched over the next few weeks as he struggled to even pick the bike up, let alone get it moving! It was clear that heavy bikes are not fun bikes. At the same time, we couldn't afford to buy him a lighter, more expensive bike, only for him to outgrow it a short while later.  We were stumped, which started me thinking about how this could be done better.

GroBikes is the result.

As you can read in Our Mission, by starting GroBikes, I want to make it easier for parents to be able to provide their children with a genuinely good bicycling experience as they grow up, encouraging them to get outside, to explore, to race their friends, to exercise.  My hope is that this not only helps them have a happier, healthier, more fulfilling childhood, but also lays the foundation for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle as they move into adolescence and then (gulp) adulthood.

Thank you for your interest. I hope that you will give GroBikes the opportunity to be a part of your young family's childhood.

Yours in making life funerer,

GroBikes Founder & Managing Director