GroBikes' Mission

A "good" bike — one that fits and is light enough for little bodies to handle — makes a huge difference to how quickly children learn how to ride and how much fun they have doing so.  While good bikes are available on the market today, they are expensive, especially considering how quickly children grow.

GroBikes' mission is to make it easier for parents to provide their kids good quality bikes that fit correctly from day one, making riding more safe and more fun, laying the foundation for a lifetime of bicycling enjoyment and health.

Beyond encouraging children to develop a taste for carbon-free transportation, GroBikes' aims to increase the sustainability of the children's bicycle ecosystem through a closed-loop business model wherein quality bikes are invested in and lovingly maintained to maximize their usable life, before being responsibly stripped of usable parts and recycled.  In short, we hate seeing bikes left out to rust and aim to be part of the solution!